The wind whipping through the thin walls of Nene Ojukwu’s house whistled, shrill and violent, jarring her from her sleep. Or was that sound a scream?
A child’s scream…..
Nana bolted out from her bed and raced to her 8-year old sister’s room, silently praying that she had been wrong. Her room door was half open like it always used to be and the little children’s light that is usually on to guide her to the toilet just in case she needed to was still switched on.
But when Nene rushed inside, Tata’s bed was empty.
“Tata!” she screamed with a huge pounding in her heart as she scanned the interior, the dark shadows, the folded sheets and her wardrobe.
No Tata.
Could she be playing pranks on me this early morning?
Oh God! Let it be a prank, she prayed.
Her room’s curtain flapped crazily sending in an…

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FoT Update – Exciting News

Hello Treasured Friends, We have some exciting news! The pig farm pilot is live! It has been by God's Grace  and your efforts and contributions that we have come this far. We thank you for your prayers and support for Treasured. We now need assistance with links to individuals, groups, forums, churches, events, conferences etc … Continue reading FoT Update – Exciting News

Project Development Worker Needed

A partnership project of Vision Shapers International & SECAM Cooperative* INTRODUCTION Are you a confident, self-motivated and enthusiastic person? Do you have the ability to use your own initiative to seek and coordinate help and assistance for widows and other less privileged women in need? Do you have a good understanding of the barriers and … Continue reading Project Development Worker Needed

We are Friends!

Good day, I'm sure we are intrigued as to what Friends of Treasured is all about. Well lets begin then... What is FriendsofTreasured? FriendsofTreasured (FOT) is a family of volunteers coming together using their skills, initiative and enterprise to address the 'Treasured' initiative. What is the 'Treasured' initiative? The Treasured initiative is born out of … Continue reading We are Friends!